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Fostering spiritual growth, caring for the whole person.
Spiritual Care.
Meeting the spiritual needs of our residents is an integral part of the care provided at The Village. Our ecumenical ministry to people of all communions and faiths is rooted in the Church of the Brethren tradition of extending loving care to those in need.

In collaboration with your own pastor and home congregation or faith group, our chaplaincy staff, volunteer ministers, and spiritual care volunteers are dedicated to providing spiritual support, which is critical in times of transition and change. We minister in Christ’s name to the whole person, providing a variety of opportunities that foster spiritual growth and integrity. 
​Spiritual growth and worship opportunities:
~A strong commitment to individual visitation
~Friendship and prayer support
~Pastoral presence in times of need
~Nurturing and supportive pastoral care
~Resources for learning and growth
~Wednesday morning worship
~Friday morning Bible study
~Sunday afternoon worship
~Weekly Rosary

~Monthly Catholic Mass
~Monthly prayer time
~Hymn sings
~Semi-Annual Memorial service
~Anointing services
~Communion services
~Special worship services during the church year 
 (such as Thanksgiving)
~Advent, Christmas, Good Friday, & Easter